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This video was one of Annie Swanson's first. She took to modeling so quickly, I thought she'd done it many times before. If you don't know Annie's story, here's a quick recap. She discovered her boyfriend's secret stash of V0luptu0us magazines in the bathroom. She looked at the girls, knew how much she packed in her own bras and thought she could easily be a V-Girl, too. Of course, she was 100% right. She contacted The SC0RE Group, sent pictures and, boom, she was in. If she hadn't found those mags, if we didn't present the girls the way we do, she'd have never written us and we'd have never known about her. Randomness has its own order and logic.

It was April 2002 when she first arrived at SC0RE. Many more trips would follow. Two years later, Annie, Angela White, Cherry Brady and Brandy Talore wrestled each other in B.L.O.W. (The Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling). Dave was the announcer. I was suckered into being the ref. This DVD is still a big-seller, and you can see why. Four of the biggest names in V-mag are in it. B.L.O.W. was the only female wrestling video SC0RE's ever made. I still think a follow-up with new naturals would be a good idea.

Annie wanted to call herself Jade but decided not to. I'm glad because she doesn't look like a Jade. With her all-American, short-and-stacked, girl-next-door appearance, she looks like an Annie. She once worked as a shot girl in a bar and sold racks of shots.

"A guy walked up to me once and said, 'Nice rack!'"

The cameraman who shot this video was an artist (today a full-time artist) who was never hesitant about getting as close as possible to a model in these solo vids. Not one to man a camera 15 feet away from his subject, he'd get within a few inches of a girl's pussy, butthole or nipple. He'd get under the girl and shoot up or get on a ladder and shoot down. (That's his hand at 2:13 copping a feel in first-person point of view, with permission, of course.)

Annie's first magazine appearance was in the September 2002 V0luptu0us. Said Annie about that debut, "It was weird seeing myself, and because this one came in the mail, when I went to an adult video warehouse and I saw it on the shelf, I was like, 'Wow! That's me!' A lot of my friends know. I've signed copies for them, but I don't know what they think. It's not really the kind of thing we talk much about, you know? For some reason, after I did this, when I showed people the magazine, they'd thought I was a lot more prudish. I don't know where they got that from. But I guess I come off as prudish. They were pretty shocked. And I didn't tell anybody I was doing it. They didn't know until after the magazine came out."