Inonde mon C� (1976)

Director : M. Geimer

Cast : Fritzi Ross, Gaby Hiller, Georges Blue, Rolf Mebus, Siegmar Deubner

Language : French

About: Leo picks up Fritzi in the town of Verg�ze in France. He is going to Spain; she isn't going anywhere in particular. He takes her to his villa and they become lovers. At a restaurant they encounter a group of hippies, led by a guru figure Ziggi, who attach themselves to Leo and Fritzi. One of the women, Gaby, is the girlfriend of Walter, but is very promiscuous and asks Fritzi if she can borrow her boyfriend. Leo begins to ignore Fritzi and concentrate on Gaby; so, after finding Ziggi in a closet wanking off to a magazine and 'giving him a hand', Fritzi turns to Walter. The second time they have sex it is in public in the audience to a bullfight. Fritzi then has a lesbian encounter with Gaby which turns into a threesome with Walter. Then Fritzi has an argument with Leo and leaves, hitching a ride again...

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