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Thread: Pornstar Videos Section Rules!!!

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    Pornstar Videos Section Rules!!!

    1. One pornstar - one thread
    Don't start new thread if there is already a topic for the pornstar that you wanted to post. Use the search option to check if the thread featuring a pornstar you want to post already exists

    2. Thread title
    Thread title must include only the pornstar's full name

    3. Information about a Pornstar.
    Include information about a Pornstar in first post of a new thread (date of birth, biography, physical characteristics, nationality and etc).

    4. Video Posts
    Do not include more than one (2) video in a post.
    Video posts must include accurate video screen captures (at least four (4) images), and typed into the post.
    accurate file size, playing time, video resolution, file type
    ex. (100 MB / 6:37 / 640x480 / mp4)

    Forum-Wide Posting Guidelines
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