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Thread: Men Rape Beautiful Girls [Extreme Videos]

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    Men Rape Beautiful Girls [Extreme Videos]

    Size video: 150 mb
    Format file: wmv
    Quality: 528 x 416
    Duration: 20 min.

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    A guy rapes a young bitch

    She's young, pretty and sexy, bud had the bad idea to welcome the plumber alone. The guy couldn't resist starring at this hot girl to fuck her, she try to resist so he raped her even more brutaly.

    Size video: 126 mb
    Format file: wmv
    Quality: 640 x 480
    Duration: 16 min.

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    Raped beautiful girl in asian hospital

    This is a great one from japan !!! A guy learn that he's sickness will kill him soon, desesperate the guy want to fuck a last time. He start to attacked a nurse who resist, that turn him crazy he take a knife and rape another hot one in front of everyone. And damn she's hot!

    Size video: 331 mb
    Format file: avi
    Quality: 720 x 396
    Duration: 29 min.

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    Policemen raped young girl student

    This one is really good, a blonde busty tourist get arrested by the local policemen, but in some country policemen are not better than guys they put in jail. They gonna gangrape her in the prison, each one cumming in her!

    Size video: 401 mb
    Format file: wmv
    Quality: 960 x 540
    Duration: 55 min.

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    Hard russian rape (staging)

    All of these rapes, of course, are not real, and everything here is willfully. But it looks pretty good and the acting of a good standard.

    Size archive: 706 mb
    Number: 6 videos
    Quality: 640 x 480
    Duration: 107 min.

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    Young beautiful drunk gf raped at home

    This guy and his friend find a drunk girl while he's cleaning the restroom of his nightclub, what a great opportunity to fuck, she will almost never remember and the culprit could be anyone. No need to tell that he fuck her well and he even filmed it.

    Size video: 690 mb
    Format file: wmv
    Quality: 768 x 432
    Duration: 41 min.

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