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Thread: Forum-Wide Posting Guidelines & Allowed|Banned Host

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    Восклицание Forum-Wide Posting Guidelines & Allowed|Banned Host

    Forum-Wide Posting Guidelines & Allowed|Banned Host


    To begin with, the site communicate with hundreds of people of different religions and beliefs, and they are a legitimate visitors of our website, so if we want a community of people we functioned and necessary rules. We strongly recommend that you read these rules, it will take you just five minutes, but we save you time and help make the site more interesting and organized.

    Let's start with the fact that on our site to behave respectfully to all visitors of the site. Do not insult towards the participants, it is always too much. If you have a complaint - contact Administrators or Moderators (use private message). Insulting other members is considered one of the most serious violations and severely punished by the administration. we are strictly forbidden, racism, religious and political speech. thank you in Advance for your understanding and desire to make our site more polite and friendly.

    Let us respect each other and the site to which You and other readers come to talk and Express their thoughts. The site administration reserves the right to remove comments or part of the comments, if they do not meet these requirements.

    If you violate the rules you may be given warning. In some cases, you may be given a ban without warning. By ban to write to the administrator.

    Insult administrators or moderators also punishable ban - respect the work of others.

    On the website is strictly prohibited

    1)Do not post child porn!
    2)Do not post porn with animals!
    3)Not to post scenes of rape!

    Updated -05.10.2016

    The main rules of registration of messages on the forum

    Registration on the Forum became only by invitation. You can get an invitationHERE or request an invitation from active posters.

    If you are having problems with the introduction of code-invite please inform my ICQ 64866121

    1.The user is FORBIDDEN to register more than one account (account).
    2.Before posting you should be familiar with the permitted and recommended file and images hosting.
    3. All messages must be in English only.
    4. Post it in the relevant sections.
    5. It is FORBIDDEN to use the forum for commercial purposes or spam.
    6. It is FORBIDDEN to use redirect links for which will be charged fee (e.g. link-bucks, cash url, etc.)
    7. Which gives you VIP membership on
    1.The possibility of creating a new section just for you
    2.Unlimited creation of topics and posts
    3.Allowed links in the signature;
    4.You may post premium only links

    You can buy VIP membership for $4.95

    Just contact with me

    9. Do not use the names of the pay sites in the names of branches, posts, links or text messages.

    10. Don't call the forum thread in all CAPITAL LETTERS.
    11. Use thumbnail preview when you post pictures, do not link to images. Important Thumbnails should be no larger than 650 pixels on the longest side
    12. When you publish links to video files add to post screenshots with the size and file type, as well as video duration,video size.
    13.You may not post topics with links to sites that give access to sites with paid content.Those who neglect this rule will be punished by removal from the forum and all topics will be deleted. Please !!! not to force him to do it.


    description +keywords of the video(important)


    File Name :
    File Size :
    Resolution :
    Duration :


    The link to the files

    13.Don't forget to say thanks to the authors of those messages.
    14.If you have questions,any questions ask need in this thread ------>HELP
    15.All discussions will take place here -------> Discussion

    Allowed, Banned and Preferred Hosts.

    List of Recommended Imagehosts:
    Список рекомендованных Imagehosts:

    Recommended File Host------> 1 post->1link->no mirrors
    Bannet Host


    White list!

    Recommended registration (legal extreme video allowed) - registration -
    registration (extreme video allowed)

    File.Al - registration (extreme video allowed) -registration ( not allowed ---->Violent, Necro, Scat, Vomit.) (extreme video allowed)

    registration -registration -
    registration - registration


    If the file is not in the list of service, then it is forbidden on the Forum
    Если в списке нет ФО,значит он запрещён на форуме

    All the best and big earnings|Regisration
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